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2014 Conference Proceedings

The Implementation of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development in a PLTL Mathematics Workshop 
Joe Nathan Abellard

Visual Representation of Matter Aids Understanding of Chemical Kinetics
Carmen G. Kerstiens, James E. Becvar, Mahesh Narayan, and Bonnie Gunn

Peers Inspiring Peers: Why a Summer Bridge-to-College Program Benefits from this Partnership
Janet Liou-Mark, A.E. Dreyfuss, Mursheda Ahmed, Christopher Chan,and Karmen Yu

Bridging the Gap: The Role of a Peer-led Workshop in Statics In the Development of First-Generation College Students 
R. Brian Mason

Peer Leaders’ Perspectives of their Involvement in a Mathematics Enrichment Workshop Program: A Comparison of Motivations and Outcomes
Sarah Oppland-Cordell, Doug Rosskamm, Richard Bilyk,Ruben Echevarria, and Nic Allen

UHD Scholars Academy Faculty & Peer Mentoring Organization- Developing Mentors to Make the Success Difference 
Mary Jo Parker

The Use of Reflective Strategies to Develop Problem-Solving, Reading and Writing Skills in Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Workshop 
Andris Pinkhasik

Promoting Critical Thinking Through Bloom’s Taxonomy in Biology 1101 Peer-Led Workshops 
Ayesha Rasool and Davida S. Smyth

The Effects of Changing Group Size in my Workshop in Fundamentals of Mathematics 
Julia Rivera

How the Peer Leader Can help students Persevere Through Intermediate Algebra & Geometry (MAT 1175) 
Ricky Santana

Beyond Basic: Reimagining Peer-Led Developmental Writing 
David P. Sherman, Amanda Reyes and Ronald Farol

The PLTLIS 2014 Conference Proceedings
Editors: Jose Alberte-Dueñas and A.E. Dreyfuss
© 2014 The Peer-Led Team Learning International Society

This conference held at California State University, Dominguez Hills, would not have been possible without the support of the following people and organizations.

Thank you!

2014 Conference Planning Committee
Jose Luis Alberte, Co-Chair and PLTLIS Board Member 
Mohsen Behesti, Co-Chair, 2014 Host Institution, 
and PLTLIS Board Member James Becvar, PLTLIS Secretary 
Albert Cruz, PLTLIS Board Member AE Dreyfuss, PLTIS President Lucille Garmon, PLTLIS Board Member Christine Keenan, PLTLIS Board Member Janet Liou-Mark, PLTLIS Board Member Mitsue Nakamura, PLTLIS Treasurer Ellen West, PLTLIS Board Member Thomas Pitzer, PLTLIS President Elect Nataly Rodriguez, PLTL Program Assistant Director, Florida International University Michael Amaya, Peer Leader, Florida International University

 California State University at Dominguez Hills
Dr. Willie J. Hagan, President Dr. Mitch Maki, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 
Dr. Rodrick Hay, Dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (CNBS) 
Dr. Hamoud Salhi, Acting Associate Dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (CNBS) 
Neisha Rhodes, Special Assistant, Academic Affairs 
Teresa Stevens, Facilities Coordinator 
Ken Leyba, Network Analyst 
Violeta Hernandez, Administrative Assistant, Computer Science Department 
John Harwell, Alumni, Computer Technology 
Louis Vargas, Computer Science student 
Garrett Pope, Computer Science student 
Alexia Morales, Student Assistant, Computer Science Department 
Christopher Orciga, Computer Science student 
David Lopez, Computer Science student

New York City College of Technology, CUNY 
City Tech Foundation 
First Year Programs at New York City College of Technology, CUNY 
MSP2inNYC – NSF #1102729 
Laura Yuen-Lau

Florida International University 
Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President, Florida International University 
Dr. Douglas Wartzok, Provost, Florida International University 
Dr. Kenneth Furton, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Florida International University 
Dr. Timothy Collins, Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University 
Lead For America Corporation, El Paso, Texas

University of Texas at El Paso 
Dodson Fund at UTEP 
UTEP College of Science 
Rio Grande Valley Section of the American Chemical Society 
UTEP College of Engineering 
NSF STEM Talent Expansion Grant I-STAR DUE – 0653270 and 
NSF Model Institutions of Excellence Grant HRD-9550502

Peer-Led Team Learning International Society

Board of Directors – 2013-2014
Jose Alberte 
James Becvar, Secretary 
Mohsen Beheshti 
Chinedu Chukuigwe 
Alberto Cruz 
A.E. Dreyfuss, President 
Regina Frey 
Lucille Garmon 
Chris Keenan 
Janet Liou-Mark 
Stephanie Marshall 
Mitsue Nakamura, Treasurer 
Thomas Pitzer, President-Elect 
Andrew Pye 
Ongard Sirisaengtaksin 
Ellen West 
Tony West 
Brian Shayler, Webmaster, PLTLIS

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