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STAR award for the The PLTL Program at the University of Texas at Dallas

The PLTL Program at University of Texas at Dallas Receives the 2011 STAR Award The Texas Higher Education Star Award recognizes public and independent institutions of higher education; public and private schools and school districts; and organizations, groups, and individuals for their exceptional contributions toward one or more of the goals of Closing the Gaps by 2015, the Texas higher education plan adopted by the Coordinating Board in October 2001. Six Star Award winners emerged from 78 applicants. The selection of the recipients was based on the recommendations of a nine-member panel consisting of Coordinating Board members, Texas community leaders, and out-of-state educational experts. The UT Dallas Peer-Led-Team-Learning Program at GEMS received the Star Award.

Peer Lead Team Learning Practitioners of Math and Science at the University of Texas at Dallas receiving the STAR award

Lynn Butler (front row, left), Andrea Turcatti, Sally Zirkle (Coordinator, PLTL & SI Programs,GEMS Center). Dr. Thom Chesney is center back, behind Andrea and Sally. Both Thom and Andrea are no longer with the GEMS PLTL program (Thom is now the president of Brookhaven College, and Andrea is working in the Engineering department at UTD). Others in the photo are all Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) members. Sources:

  • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board:
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