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Our vision is that Peer-Led Team Learning is integral to excellent educational practice.

PLTLIS Mission

Our mission is to foster student learning through peer-led teams by supporting practitioners and institutions.


To achieve our mission and vision we will transform formal education by:

  1. Training practitioners and students
  2. Establishing and maintaining an international organization
  3. Disseminating content, research, and best practices
  4. Supporting PLTL programs across disciplines/ departments/ campuses
  5. Examining and addressing hindrances to adoption
  6. Providing ideas for PLTL implementation
  7. Supporting institutional strategic plans through PLTL implementation

The Peer-Led Team Learning Model: The Six Critical Components

  1. The Peer-Led Workshop is integral to the course.
  2. Instructors (faculty & teachers) are involved in the selection of materials, training and supervision of peer leaders, and they review the progress of Workshops.
  3. Peer leaders are selected, trained and supervised to be skilled in group work as facilitators.
  4. Workshop materials are appropriately challenging, directly related to course methods of assessment, designed for small group work.
  5. The Workshops are scheduled and held once a week for two hours, contain six to eight students per group, in space suitable for small-group activities.
  6. The Peer-Led Team Learning program is supported by the department and the institution with funds, course status and other support so that the method has the opportunity to be adopted across courses and disciplines.
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